A Boring Life Is Your Fault

A Boring LifeWith objectives, goals and a purpose, you will never be bored. You will be alive and ready to grow and change. You will be excited by the prospect of moving outside your comfort zone. Life is not standing still waiting for you. You will venture forth to find your potential.

Some people waste hours.

Some people waste their entire lives.

As a Master of Success, you gather information, consider options and take decisive action. You gain confidence. And as your confidence grows through knowledge and experience, you become better at decision-making. You become increasingly proficient in separating the urgent and the important from the interesting but inconsequential.

Time management through organization helps you stay on mission. To get into medical school, facility in the biological sciences is urgent, essential and non-negotiable. Gaining expertise is mandatory. Worrying about the type of laptop you will use is unimportant and thinking about the trendy scrub suits you will wear is stupid.

Twiddling and dithering are hallmarks of the unaccomplished. Well thought through written goals formulated into realistic plans backed with decisive action is the answer. Without clear goals, ambition or firm direction, the tendency will be to spend too much time doing small easy tasks, leaving insufficient time and energy for the larger, more difficult and, perhaps, more demanding but important projects.


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