Acquisition Strategy 5

When most homeowners are selling property, they are thinking about more than money. They are leaving many memories behind. This house represents their emotional past. They must simultaneously think about leaving and moving to a new kitchen and new neighborhood and new schools. For many people, the home selling process can be quite unpleasant. Many sellers wish to sell as quickly as possible. The seller must keep the house perfect at all times because agents may call at any hour of any day. The entire sales process can be traumatic with strangers of all types milling about the house and a few making rude comments. Consider that you may make an offer of $180,000 for a property that the seller had bought years ago for $80,000. The sellers may be only too happy to take this substantial appreciation and run laughing to the bank and then to the beach.

There are many practical reasons other than price that may influence a seller to accept an offer. The seller’s agent may not be privy to the seller’s true motivations. These personal reasons are not your business. Stay professional. Make your offers. The seller has control to agree, reject or make a counter offer. Again, “Some will, some won’t, so what, next.”


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