Being The Best You

You can make the personal choice to be positive as you brush aside the minor daily annoyances that everyone faces. Be patient. Others notice those in control.

Listen for constructive criticism. You may learn of mistakes that you can correct. Life is teaching you a lesson if you pay attention. Guard against false praise. The master walks that middle line and is neither overly influenced by either criticism or praise.

To resolve conflicts ask yourself, “Is this permanent or personal?” “What does the other party consider a satisfactory resolution?” If you ask and listen, the solution offered may be milder than you had imagined. Endeavor to keep lines of communication open. Remain calm and positive. Speak with respect. Don’t be condescending. Look for compromise but when you’re right, stand your ground.

At home and at work, you have every right to establish limits to behaviors that you will not tolerate. These are your personal boundaries. If anyone crosses the line, you should stop him or her immediately, explain your position and thank them for complying.

When raising children, take the tough stands early. If your children learn the value of hard work and generosity, they will soar. Their lives will be happy. A twelve-year-old is old enough to understand and follow the Action Principles®. Give your children the best gift you can – your time.

Always be on the lookout for people who can advance your cause as partners, financiers, employees, consultants, mentors and investors. You can’t possibly know everything or even enough to get everything done. You need others.

Communication is the key to good employee relations. Your policy must be honesty, openness and candor. This means for good or bad.

As you succeed and others notice, you may be called upon to speak. Always treat everyone as important and they will hear your message.

People love the sound of their own name. Be known for your ability to remember names. Get in the habit of regularly recording the info from any new businesscards into your database. This will reinforce the name and face.

Thank God for all he has done for you.



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