Following this teaching, you will become a Master of Success.

As a Master of Success, you will never sit idly, helpless, and simply accept being underappreciated by self-serving managers and companies

Instead, you will be a man or woman of action. You will take charge and responsibility for your own career.

Your goal will be to reach the top ten percent of your profession or industry and be duly compensated.

At work, you will be seen as a valued employee. You will receive the raises and promotions. If not, you will find another company where you are respected and appreciated.

Or, you will become an entrepreneur.

There are 5,000 different small businesses and people have become successful at all of them. What do you love doing? Find those companies who share your passion or find a niche in your industry and start your own business.

Bottom line. Whether you work for someone else or yourself, success in business isn’t a secret:

  1. Offer a quality product or service that the market demands and charge a fair price
  1. Appreciate your customer. Say thank you and ask for more business
  1. Copy success. Find those who have done or are doing what you want to do and do what they are doing.

Regardless of the employment path, your career goal is straightforward. You want to make enough money to pay your bills, spoil those you love and build an investment fund.

As a Master of Success, whether you are a florist or a firefighter, a landscaper or lawyer, dishwasher or dentist, with time and effort and a clearly defined, focused plan you can do this.

So, make a personal commitment and let’s do this!


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