Get Going!

Businessman ready to stard in a road

Whether you want to become a lawyer or an electrician, a Green Beret or a scratch golfer, take action. Get going. The information from active practitioners is out there. Find it. Test yourself against it. Interview those who are doing or who have done what you want to do. Really be sure of what you want. Start getting dirty. If you want to be in the Special Forces, see if you have the nerve to go skydiving. If you want to be a poet, see if your rhymes hold up to scrutiny at a coffeehouse open mike night. Having a clearly defined purpose, you are blessed. Embrace the work. Live your life. Love the journey.

Become a college graduate or a black belt in four years.
Become a licensed scuba diver in a month or an airplane pilot in under a year.
Become a nurse in two years or an EMT in six months.


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