How to simplify your life

Do you need a $100,000 college education or a $40,000 car or a $600,000 house? If you can, go to a state college, drive a less fancy car or live in a smaller house. If you can do with less, you give yourself a gift of many more favorable options.

In the Master Success System, the idea of life simplification is important.

Life simplification is not driving a junk car, eating seeds and wearing dirty clothes that smell like a wood stove. Instead, simplification is living a life with a purpose. From your goal setting and time management, you know what is important to you and you design your life around these goals, objectives, values and interests. If you really like restoring antique cars, fishing with your grandchildren, making quilts with your girlfriends or playing the guitar with a local band, you should find ways to do more of what you love and work to pare away the rest.

Every day, you’ll know how to make the correct personal choices for you and no one else. Every day, decision by decision, you mold your future for good or bad. You can simplify your life and have more time and money for your dreams or complicate and clutter your life with more draining activities.

Quiet time helps you get rid of mental junk. Now, get rid of the physical clutter that you don’t need. If you haven’t worn it or used it in a year, give it to charity.


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