How to use visualization

Can you see yourself being handed the diploma, breaking the tape at the finish line, and hearing the applause in your honor?

Visualize. Close your eyes. See the new you in your entire splendor. What you can see in your mind can be your guide to attainment. See it. See it every day. Do it. Do it every day. This is your movie. You are the star. You are an actor playing yourself. Fake it as you make it. The stronger your visualized impressions, the more the odds for attainment turn in your favor. Visualization is internal practice. You replace practicing with your body with practicing with your mind.

Visualize now and later. See yourself at your best right now. Right now, the only thing that stands between you and your goals is a little bit of time. See yourself after a month and after six months and after a year of hard work and commitment to your goals.

Peak performance starts in the mind. Many athletes use visualization to picture themselves performing at their best. They learn to concentrate through visualization. They learn to train in their minds even when they can’t physically practice. You can do the same. See yourself in a year, five years, in your golden years. See yourself enjoying the full fruits of your labor. You will be successful. You will have both peace and prosperity. See it all. Try to involve all of your senses in the imaging: see, hear, taste, feel, and smell. As you immerse yourself in your future, ideas for how to get there will start to emerge. Put yourself in your best performance mode. Believe. The ways will come.

Who is the person with whom you are most comfortable? What is the one place where you are most comfortable? What was the scene of your greatest achievement? Immerse yourself. Be there.

Go to a relaxing spot in your mind. Breathe deeply. Concentrate on the details of your accomplishments. See the cars, the house, and the clothes. See the respect in the people’s eyes that you have helped. Touch the fine fabric of your suit. Taste the wine. Feel the handshake. Use your senses to help your imagination complete this wonderful scene.

Mother Teresa used visualization in her work when she described seeing Jesus in every face. Often questioned about the difficulty of her work with the poor and the sick, she would comment on how many clever disguises Jesus had. Every day, Mother Teresa radiated proof that you see in life what you choose to see. You choose. Your mind can only hold one thought at a time. Why not make that thought a positive one?


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