In High School and Already Smart

QUESTION: I am only in high school but I already know that I am much more ambitious than my friends and other students. What should I be doing to learn more about being successful?
ANSWER: The world is teaching you. Be alert and aware. Who is successful? Why?
You aren’t going to be the hair stylist working in the beauty shop making ten dollars an hour and scraping by week after week to pay your bills. You are going to be the entrepreneur who owns a half dozen beauty spas along with the commercial real estate and you are going to be a multi-millionaire.
There are lazy lawyers who make $40,000 a year, sitting alone in dingy, small offices hoping that the phone will ring. There are ambitious lawyers who work in gleaming office towers with a staff of assistants and make $400,000 a year, while turning down many clients. Make a choice.
There are hotel maids making short money who will sleep walk through boring shifts year after year. There are cleaning company executives with a portfolio of lucrative seven figure contracts.

Alert and aware, you observe that while individuals may have the same skills, they have different mindsets and make different choices.

And, get yourself a part-time job. Save and learn from that experience.


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