Key concepts for mastering mind

You need at least one day off per week. You need 20-30 minutes each day of quiet time. You test your ideas during this time. You make decisions. You calmly consider your options in the face of mistakes and setbacks.

Learn to relax and simplify your life. Clear your mind. Release the stress. Relax. You can relax by sitting comfortably, closing your eyes and slowing your breathing. Deep and long breathing brings peace and calmness. You can relax at any time. You can relax for ten minutes or one minute.

Practice meditation. Go to a quiet place, a regular place. You want to be alone with your thoughts. Be silent, breathe and relax. This is meditation. It is breathing in and breathing out. It is being conscious of your actions. Listen to your breathing. Be consciously aware and mindful. Meditation brings you to the present moment.

Visualize your future. Close your eyes. What you can see in your mind can be your guide to attainment. See it every day. Do it every day. The stronger your visualized impressions, the more the odds for attainment turn in your favor. Visualization is internal practice. Peak performance starts in the mind.


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