Lazy Co-Workers

QUESTION: I work in a department where my co-workers don’t work very hard. When I say anything or try to do more, they get angry with me. They act like I’m crazy to want to do more work. My supervisor is weak and just goes along. What are my options?

ANSWER: I presume you are asking this question because you want to advance in the company. You are ambitious and hard working. This is good.

Save your breath because you aren’t going to get anywhere trying to change the slacker behavior of your co-workers. And, it isn’t your job to motivate your supervisor. If you complain to higher ups, you’ll likely only make your day-to-day work experience at the company worse.

You’ve got to plan your escape. Get out. Is there a management training program for which you qualify or can aspire? Is there another department, such as sales, where your initiative would be appreciated? Unfortunately, you must be prepared to leave for another company. Finally, you might decide to work for a great boss, yourself, and start your own business.


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