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Meditation is a practice that leads to spiritual enlightenment and is encouraged in many different religions: Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. In silent meditation, you often feel the link between you and a higher power. You will hear your inner self. Bring your inner power to the surface, into the light, illuminating your path.

In the Master Success System, meditation can be done in a variety of ways. Meditation can be sitting cross-legged on a pillow in an incense filled room saying mantras “Hmmm …” or chanting. But, meditation can also be praying, gardening, taking a hot shower, stretching, yoga, t’ai chi, or going for a walk. If you choose an active form of meditation, you want the physical motions to be mindless. You want to minimize the possibility of interruption. Go to a quiet place, a regular place. You want to be alone with your thoughts. Be silent, breathe and relax. This is meditation. It is breathing in and breathing out. It is being conscious of your actions. Awareness. Mindfulness. Pay attention as you wash the dishes. Listen to your breathing. Quiet your mind. Look for opportunities to concentrate on the now. Meditation brings you to the present moment. Taste the food as you eat it. Feel the wind in your face as you run. Feel the muscles as you exercise. Feel the sweat. Feel all of life. Meditation should leave you feeling invigorated and awakened. Some like to slow themselves to the sound of a bell or gong ring. The term “Buddha” means “the awakened one.” Smile.


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