Parenting 3

Balance Children’s Activities

Children don’t have to be involved in three or four sports. Pick one. As you balance your life, balance theirs. How about taking music or art or acting lessons? How about encouraging a child to volunteer? How about scouting? How about helping a child who wants to start a little business? A child can miss a soccer game if there is a greater benefit to the family as a whole. The child learns to sacrifice and to give and also learns the high value placed on family. Family also means eating meals together and not grazing over snack foods and cereal.

Consider also coordinating children’s activities so that during one quarter of the year all of the family is off on weekends and the family can take mini-vacations and trips on those free weekends. Get physical with walking, hiking, camping, boating and biking. Get cultural with museums, concerts, historical and travel tours. It can be done with planning.

Through your example, teach your children to respect their elders. Most adults are kind and would help your child in time of need. Most teachers and youth counselors are devoted to their career, which means helping your children be all that they can be.


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