Parenting 5

A Short List of Universal Values

Courage      Loyalty        Trustworthiness    Respect

Kindness     Generosity   Discipline    Courtesy

Neatness     Thrift Friendship   Determination

Persistence  Hard Work  Achievement         Punctuality

Pride  Responsibility        Reverence

Children must also learn shame and regret when they are at fault especially concerning the feelings of others. As you treat your children, so will they become.

If you really want a superior child, instill in them a love of reading. Children read in families where they see the parents reading. Reading should be done in a place with minimal distraction without television or radio. Set a goal for your family reading time and then stick to it. Thirty minutes to forty minutes per day is reasonable. Make reading a family priority. When your family travels, everyone brings a book. This is one of our Action Principles®.

Give your children the opportunity to prove themselves. Don’t deprive them of the joy of accomplishment. Make them work and they’ll learn to appreciate more in their lives. Allow them to learn from their mistakes.

There is no time to wait. A lazy, ill-mannered child will not be able to compete globally. The advantages that some parents think that they are giving their children will fall woefully short if that child lacks character and self-discipline. Take the tough stands early. If your children learn the value of hard work and generosity, they will soar. Their lives will be happy. A twelve-year-old is old enough to understand and follow the Action Principles®. Certain teen-agers can benefit from reading this book.

Raising great kids will affect generations to come. Remain calm. Give your children the best gift you can – your time. When children are raised to be happy, content and self-reliant, they realize that doing good helps others and themselves.

If you raise your children according to a religious tradition, and you set a proper example, a wonderful thing will happen. You won’t have to worry so much about them. They will be self-reliant, well mannered and both goal and service oriented. They will have learned from you to make the right choices. You will see success. They will be your children. You will not have to pay their rent. They will not be living in your basement.


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