For all times, in all countries, it has been, it is and it always will be the rich people who own the real estate. Studying with the American Success institute, we will help you to become one of them.


How to raise investment funds: you’ll know.

How to select properties: you’ll know.

How to finance your purchases: you’ll know.

How to surround yourself with a mastermind of advisors: you’ll know.

How to find great tenants and manage your units: you’ll know.

Bill FitzPatrick has over fifty years of real estate experience:  buying, selling, brokering, converting, financing, rehabbing, flipping and successfully managing investment properties.  As a new student, you will receive a FREE copy of Bill’s book, “Build Your Real Estate Dynasty” which will outline your path to financial security.  Then, every week, every month, Bill will be teaching you new insider techniques, practices, tips and secrets to becoming a successful local real estate investor.  In a very short period of time, you can become a successful local investor, a person of achievement, appreciation and respect in your community.

Real Estate doesn’t care who you are: gender, race, physical abilities, sexual orientation are individual traits that don’t matter.  You can do this.  You can save and buy and manage six properties.  You can have a comfortable life while creating a family dynasty of wealth that can last forever.  Why not you?


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