Relationships With Business Associates 2

Communication is the key to good employee relations. Your policy must be honesty, openness and candor. This means for good or bad. Never tolerate laziness, disrespect, dishonesty, disloyalty or harassment. If an employee is not doing a proper job, the day he or she is terminated shouldn’t come as a complete shock to them. As with children, don’t make excuses to them or for them. Make a decision. Don’t allow poor performance to linger or a poor work ethic to infect others. They had a job. They didn’t do the job. This should not be your fault. It is their fault. If it is not their fault, then they are being blamed for something beyond their control and they are better off working somewhere that they are appreciated. People notice how you treat others.

Masters of Success look to form strong networking alliances. Thinking win/win, they are always be on the lookout for people who can advance their mutual causes as partners, financiers, employees, lawyers, accountants, consultants, mentors, investors and new vendors.  How can we both advance?

Throughout the Master Success System, the concept of follow-up is repeated. It is important. Keep everyone informed and you’ll go a long way toward minimizing any potential dissention or defection. The sales agent should call her home sellers every week to tell them of activity or reasons why there may be a lack of activity. The hairstylist can call a new client a week after the initial visit. The boss should check on a subordinate taking maternity leave. The teacher may trouble herself to email a parent two weeks after a conference with a progress report. These quick remembrances are habits of the successful. Follow-up shows you care.

As your success journey progresses, increasingly you will be invited to share your genius.  Be humble. Be brief. Whenever you have this opportunity to speak before any group, do not talk down to the audience. A condescending tone will immediately negate your efforts. Regardless of your rhetorical prowess, most audiences stop listening after twenty minutes. Tell them what you’re going to tell them. Tell them. Tell them what you told them. Include a call to action and sit down. If you get a good laugh anywhere near the end of your speech, skip the rest and end right there on a high note.

In all your communications, treat everyone as important and they will hear your message.

A Master of Success does not try to wring every last dollar out of every deal but rather to create long term alliances built on win/win scenarios.

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