Stick with Reality

Accept RealityBy taking the time for daily reflection, you adjust your thinking. In the real world, everything is not beautiful in its own way. Some economically devastated areas may not recover in your lifetime. Some products are obsolete and worthless. Some causes can’t be supported. Some bosses are idiots who play favorites. You are a thinking person of action. So, think. Pick your shots. Consider your strengths and weaknesses and the marketplace. Pause. Gather information. Consider options. Decide. Act. Maybe you should relocate or find new partners or get more training or start again.

Test your ideas. Put your toe in the water. Starting a professional curling league in the tropics is a dumb idea. Many will tell you that this is a dumb idea. They are correct; listen. Before putting your life savings into the concept, see if consumers really want the trees on their properties painted neon colors. When a hundred per cent of prospects tell you that they are not interested in your innovative product or service, listen.

Because you can do a lot does not mean that you can do everything. Get real. No matter how much you want it, you cannot impose your will on cats to make them use the house toilet. No matter how excellent your translations, there are still very few professorships in Latin. No matter how much you believe in the law, if you start a legal practice specializing in defending terrorists, you will get noticed and you will get singled out for societal revulsion. Accept reality. Proceed forewarned.


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