The Millionaire Supermarket Worker

QUESTION: Sir, I do not mean to be disrespectful but I do believe that you give many people false hope that they can become rich. My cousin works in a supermarket. He is a supervisor but he only makes $15 an hour. Yet, he keeps quoting you that he can buy six properties and become a millionaire. This is ridiculous. I make more money than him and I can barely pay my bills. I’d like to hear how you can defend yourself.

ANSWER: Maybe you have to work 40 hours to pay your bills. Well, how about working overtime or a second job. Let’s say another ten hours. At $15/hr, you’d make an extra $150 a week or over $7,500 a year.

Is that enough of a down payment to buy a small investment property? If not, work 60 hours or work for two years and save $15,000.

Buy one property. Start saving for the second property and, then, the third. Keep going.

It’s all about working hard and saving and studying values and investing.

Can everyone do it? No. Can this be done by a Master of Success working in a supermarket? Yes.
I challenge you to watch my video series called the “Wal-Mart Millionaire” and then tell me what you think.


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