What does it mean to be tough?

As a mindful person, you are working toward becoming a tough, thoughtful, spiritual person of action.

What does it mean to be tough?

Physical toughness is obvious.  At times, by choice, it can be the soldier, the firefighter, the police officer, the mixed martial arts fighter.

However, there are many other tough people who through their own choice 0r by accepting circumstance are called to be tough and respond by being tough.  They do not whine and complain about the unfairness of life.  They do not slink away because others around them are weak, lazy or cowardly.

They step forward when needed and they do what needs to be done.

Think of the parent of a special needs child.  Think of the other children in that family who may have to do with less attention because they have a brother or sister who needs more help.

Think about a person facing a serious illness.

Think about the spouse of that ailing person who has to help that loved one live through or accept an uncertain, unwanted inevitable outcome.

Think about a person facing an impending financial crisis.

Think about all the innocent people affected.

Think about a lonely person who despairs from feeling unloved.

Think about the neighbor who will invest a half hour in listening to that lonely person even if all the person does is complain.

There is a selflessness to toughness.  Often, it is sacrificing doing what you want to do and instead doing what needs to be done. Most rush home after the party and don’t give a thought to helping the hostess clean up.  Without gossiping about how lazy and ungrateful others are, you simply stay behind, roll up your sleeves and lend a hand.  You do the right thing.  This is a sign of toughness.  It adds up.

To get a project done, you have to give up a Friday night’s fun.  You realize that you will have many more Friday nights to have fun.  You do what needs to be done.  This is  a sign of toughness.  It adds up.

You are the stand up person.  You are the one who can be relied upon to get results.  Others are whomever others decide to be. You do not measure yourself against average.  You strive to be the best you.

You may not be like all the others – you are tough.



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