Your Relationship With God

You are one person among six billion on one planet of nine in a solar system of hundreds of thousands of solar systems. God is love and beauty and all that is good in man. When you see one person acting selflessly to benefit another, you see God. God is fun and happiness. He exists in every smile, laugh and twinkle in your eye. God is the one to thank every day for all the blessings that exist in your life.

If you actually do find hope and promise in the Master Success System and begin and keep with the program and ultimately find peace and prosperity in your life, it is God who gave you persistence and determination and the willingness to do all the hard work necessary to succeed. God has given you the free will to choose success. You must accept the calling to rise to your own potential. God has given you all that you need to Master Success. He made you the Master Piece. See that. Thank God.



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