When To Find A New Job

It may be time to look for a new job if:

  • your job is boring
  • your co-workers aren’t compatible
  • the company isn’t ethical
  • your hard work isn’t recognized
  • the boss’s son and you are vying for the same job
  • the company isn’t investing back into the company
  • the atmosphere is always in crisis mode
  • top management is jumping ship
  • your co-workers prefer to use a competitor’s product
  • the company can’t borrow money or has borrowed too much money
  • the long range outlook for your industry is poor

Conversely, perhaps you work for a company with a great spirit where everyone is committed to quality. The company is preparing for major expansion. Are you ready to climb up the responsibility ladder and, of course, to profit by buying more stock in your company?

You have to put yourself in a position to make more money than you need so that you have excess funds for investment. You must invest so that eventually your investments will be substantial enough that you can stop working. Realize that for many people working today, this day will never come! The average working person has less than ten thousand dollars saved for retirement. They will have no alternative but to keep working until they leave work on that last day feet first. You don’t want to find yourself eighty years old, still behind your desk mumbling about the mistakes you made. You are old when your dreams are replaced by your regrets. This isn’t funny. This will be the sad reality for too many.

If there is an exemplary company in your industry, why aren’t you working there?



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