Are You Willing To Work Hard?

How hard are you willing to work for yourself and those you love?

Some 23-year-old is going to be a winner at 35. Someone at 35 will be a winner at 47. Someone at 47 will be a winner at 72. They will become Masters of Success. They will persist and win. Give it your all and die fulfilled. Let this be you!

What are your interests? What is your temperament and aptitude? What is the present condition and long-range projections for the field you wish to enter? What are your present skills and talents? What kinds of work do you find easy? What is your ideal job?

As you search for opportunities, you also will find dead ends. Mangers may like the job you do as a fry cook so much that they leave you as the fry cook indefinitely. In this circumstance, it won’t matter how hard you work because promotions and respect are being saved for others. This is unfair but the real world of business is not about fairness. If you are not ambitious, your career may be ruled by the simple fact that you are just too good at frying potatoes to be replaced.

Are you working for a manager who doesn’t care about you and the quality job you are doing? Are you working for a boss capable of replacing you with his dim-witted nephew just to shut up his sister? Are you working in a department where everyone else is happy to slide along in a leisurely fashion and let you do all the hard work?


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