Masters Look To Hire Other Masters

Masters of Success are goal-oriented. They aren’t afraid to work with people who are smarter, harder working or more ambitious than they are. In fact, Masters of Success are constantly on the lookout for outstanding performers as models, advisors, compatriots and friends. Associate with others who are like you, who understand you. You want to seek out other tough, spiritual men and women of action who are ready to roll up their sleeves and find solutions rather than constantly pointing blame.

If you are hiring workers who subscribe to the Master Success philosophy, you will be working with people who have ideas for improvement. Listen to them even if their ideas may be in conflict with your own. It is very easy to surround yourself with sycophants who take no risks in always agreeing with your “brilliant thoughts.” Hiring an entourage gets you nowhere. It is much more productive to engage in honest dialogue and debate with intelligent, hard working people who are encouraged to offer their opinions.


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